Celebrate Valentine Day in Bangalore

Celebrate Valentine Day in Bangalore

You think finding small, romantic and most importantly inexpensive restaurants in Bangalore is impossible, don’t you? Well, it isn’t anymore. Following restaurants located at popular parts in Bangalore, serving different cuisines and all pocket sizes suitably.

Ebony – Ebony is set to take you to spiraling heights this Valentine’s Day, sitting commandingly on the 13th floor of the Barton Center, this restaurant probably offers the best view of the city’s skyline. The crisp interiors make this place a perfect choice to spend a romantic evening on any given day. Ebony offers a host of custom designed set-course menus and their extensive cocktail menu is sure to spark your romance, so watch out for it! [Average Cost for two – Rs. 1500]

Fireflies – If we were to draw a connotation of this restaurant with a song what would it be? Remember “C’mon baby light my fire” by The Doors. Yeah, this restaurant has that effect on most of its inmates.  Divided into two sections, Fireflies allows you to be your snooty self in the fine dine area or just chill with your feet up in the terrace lounge section. A spectacle 5 course meal complimented with array of different wines will surely soothe up your date this Valentine’s Day. [Average cost for two – Rs. 2500]

Olive Beach – One of most preferred fine dine options in city, Olive beach really sets the standards for exquisite dining in Bangalore. The cozy ambience set in classic British architecture makes this place perfect for ones who intend to propose this Valentine’s Day. This Mediterranean restaurant offers an exotic collection of Wines with a host of eating options from pasta to pizza. Priced a little high, but this place definitely makes it worth every penny. [Average cost for two – Rs. 4,000]

Global Tree cafe – Now every list has its own wild card and this restaurant is ours. Global tree cafe’s ambience comes across to you as one of the most relaxed and classy compared to any in the city. This restaurant also hosts a lot of exhibitions pertaining to art, culture and literature, so you can take a romantic walk around the place while waiting for your food. Complementing the relaxed ambience and chic decor is the cuisine which has an array of choices in the forms of both continental and Indian cuisines. Strawberry and chocolate dips coupled with romantic offers from Nine Hills wine will set you in the mood with your special one on this occasion. [Average cost for two – Rs. 1000]

Boca Grande – It’s Spanish for “Big Mouth” and the sheer charisma and full of life ambiance at Boca Grande makes it a notable restaurant in this list. Always chirpy with college students during the day this resto-lounge transpires to a cozy joint during the evenings.  Boca Grande has one of the largest menus in the city and the choices are endless. This place does not go heavy on your pocket too, but take nothing away from quality of food – it’s top notch! [Average cost for two – Rs. 500]