Best Valentines Day Movies

This Valentines day can be celebrated with your partner in the most inexpensive and romantic way and if you are wondering how, then we will tell you the best way to celebrated the special day. Couples, often relate their love stories to movies so why not watch some best romantic and Valentines day movies. Take a look at the list of top 10 classic valentines day movies which can be enjoyed any time and by all ages.

Top 10 Valentines Day Movies –

1. Love Story (1970)
This love film coined the famous phrase which said, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry”.

2. When Harry Met Sally (1989)
A romantic film starring Meg Ryan as Harry and Billy Crystal as Sally is a story of two people and their meet in New York City. This film has a popular phrase saying “Can men and women ever just be friends?” .

3. Ghost (1990)
A supernatural love story starring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze which said “true love can’t last forever?”

4. Sleepless In Seattle (1993)
This long distance love story starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan proves that distance is meaningless in love.

5. Titanic (1997)
Oscar winning film that talks on a great love story of a couple and an their ill fated ship voyage. The film stars Leonardo de Caprio and Kate Winslet.

6. Notting Hill (1999)
This film revolves around an unsuccessful Notting Hill bookstore owner and the world’s most beautiful woman who enters his shop and life. The romantic film stars Hugh grant and Julia roberts.

7. Moulin Rouge! (2001)
This romantic musical film explains a love story between an English poet (Ewan McGregor) and a cabaret dancer played by Nicole Kidman.

8. Love Actually (2003)
This romantic comedy film features a series of love stories of several people from different backgrounds and the story is picturised in England and France during the Christmas season.

9. 50 First Dates (2004)
Henry Roth, who is afraid of commitments, meets Lucy and finally falls in love with the girl. The movie stars Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.

10. Valentine’s Day (2010)
As the title goes, features the lives of several couples on 14th February. The stories are interconnected to the characters with some finding their partners and some breaking up on the day.

The Best Valentines Day Movies list is never ending..
Watch these top 10 best Valentines day movies and enjoy the special occasion with these romantic classics.