Celebrate Valentine Day in Chennai

Valentine’s Day is one of the best days of the year to take your loved one out for some shopping; believe it or not you can really have an awesome time shopping this Feb 14th. The best part about shopping in malls this Valentine’s Day is that you can have a nice meal with your loved one after you shop.

Chennai has loads of places to offer for shopping, Chennai is indeed a Shopper’s delight. There are a lot of places and shops worth visiting. For conventional items and handicrafts, Government Emporiums offer very wide variety of choice at a fixed rate (and no you really can’t haggle). Victoria Technical Institute at Anna Salai offers handicrafts from all over the country.SIPA’S Craftlink at Kodambakkam High Road is South India’s first fair price shop which supports local artisans. You can buy variety of locally made handicrafts, textiles and paper-mache items at reasonable prices.

Raahat Plaza near Vadaplani is one of the few tidy complexes in Chennai. Shops for garments, books, toys, multimedia/electronics, computers, music-related items, greeting cards are well stocked so you are in for a treat. Parrys Corner also has multitudes of shops selling almost everything. And pretty close by is the famous Burma Bazaar where all sorts of imported goods can be bought. And last but not the least Is Nungambakkam There are many shops in Nungambakkam that sell a variety of goods that you will be interested in. Apart from these you can spend a great day shopping at Spencer plaza, Citi center and Ampa skywalk.