Chocolate Day Quotes 2013 In English

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Giving chocolate to others…
Is an intimate form of communication,
A sharing of deep,
Dark secrets….
hAPPY chocolate dAY.

There-is nothing better-than a-friend,
un-less it is a-friend with-chocolate…
Happy Chocolate Day My Sweet Friend

I was handed a chocolate bar….
& an —>>>M-1 Rifle… ooo
& told to go kill Hitler….
Have a Good Day..

Chocolate Servey …
A new British survey has revealed…!!!
That 9 out of 10 people like Chocolate.
The tenth lies.

Happy Chocolate Day..
Alicia Silverstone Says ….
“My favorite thing in the world???????
is a box of fine European chocolates!!!!
which is,
for sure,
better than sex.
What is You Openion ?????

If I have chocolate around,
I will eat it.
I love chocolate ,
I love chocolate ,
I love chocolate ,
I like a piece every day.
Mathmaticaly I Say …
Happy chocolate Day My chocolate,

Hindi Chocolate Day Joke
Aaj mein aaapsy aik baat keh kar hi rahoonga.
Plzzz Dont Mind…
Woh yeh hai ke:






I LOVE Chocolate …
Especialy dairy milk wali ..

I am pretty sure that…
Eating chocolate…
Keeps wrinkles away…
Coz I’h nvr seen a 10 year old…
With a Hershey bar & crows feet….

Simply put…
everyone has a price,
mine is chocolate!
So You wana kiss …
Then Come with chocolate!..
Dont forget Day …

Ganl Bandy ki Galt soch
Happy Chocolate Day

A dairy milk chocolate,
Specially For you my sweet Sweet Friend,
*****CHOCOLATE>>>>>** DAY***

Chocolate Day Shayari For Girlfriend
Kabhi tøøta nahain Mery D¡£L sey TERI yaad ka silsila.
*Jaan e Mann*
Guftagu jis sey bhi hø Khayal Tera hi rehta hy.
Happy Chocolate Day Meri Chocolate

As whole some as it is delicious,
A beneficent restorer of exhausted power…
It is the best friend of those engaged in literary pursuits.
Chocolate is a perfect food…

All you need is love.
But a little chocolate now and then….
doesn’t hurt….
But Love Is Always Heart…………
Happy Chocolate Day