Valentine arts and crafts items are one thing which you can look forward to on this 14th of February. What is the reason behind it? Well for starters if you are looking for a change from the regular Valentine’s day celebrations. It would also be nice for you to prepare something by your own hands for your loved ones. This would be a nice little surprise for them. Celebrating the day with your loved ones can be made more special with the help of various Handicraft items that you can make at home. Homemade gifts are a favourite amongst people of all ages. The occasion is indeed special for you don’t get a chance everyday to official celebrate the presence of your beloved in your life. Valentine’s day can be celebrated in a variety of ways with the sold intent of pleasing the likes of your partner and your near and dear ones.

Valentine’s Day is a traditional day celebrated on February 14 throughout the world to lovers to express their love for each other. The day celebrates romance, love, passion and emotions. The festival is celebrated with much fanfare, pomp, gaiety and fervor. The cupid strikes everyone as people get busy preparing for this day months before. Heart-shaped outlines, doves, flowers (roses) and the figure of the winged cupid are the symbols associated with Valentine’s Day. Pull up your sleeves and indulge yourself in preparing some lovely Valentine crafts this Valentine’s Day. Pour your heart and show your love to make your sweetheart feel special.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to pamper your loved ones with gifts. Not everyone can afford diamond necklaces or vacation coupons. Valentine Day crafts come in large varieties like heart-shaped candies, pretty cards, photo frames, foam roses, heart pins, heart-shaped glasses, necklaces, card holders, love books, the list goes endless. Here, we bring you easy Valentine craft ideas. So get set to surprise your beloved with these Valentine’s Day crafts. Celebrate the most powerful emotion on Earth with some of these Valentine crafts. Explore the given below segments to create inexpensive and valuable Valentine crafts at home for your beloved.

One of the many such things which you can indulge is Valentine Arts And Crafts Items activities. This way you can prepare a loving gift for your Valentine by yourself and they will surely appreciate all the efforts and pain taken by you. There is a whole list of things that you can make for Valentine’s Day through Arts and Crafts like Valentine envelopes, greeting cards, charm pencils, heart shaped cushions, floral centrepieces, promise rings and much more. Given below are directions for making some of these beautiful Valentine Arts And Crafts Items.

Handmade Floral Centrepiece : For making a Valentine Floral Centrepiece you will require following:

A heart shaped basket, flowers of at least 2 different varieties, plastic lining, foam used by florists, roses or carnations, filler flowers, other craft items like scissors and glue.

  • Take the heart shaped basket and put the plastic lining on it.
  • Now cut the florist foam in the heart shape with such a size that will fill the entire basket.
  • The flowers like roses or carnations which you are intending to use as centre piece should be then cut according to the same depth as the depth of the heart shaped basket.
  • Put these flowers in such a way that it fills up the whole heart shaped basket.
  • Now cut the filler flowers according to the same length as the centre flowers and place them around the centrepiece in a decorative manner.

Heart Shaped Cushion

Things You Need- a red satin cloth, sponge, red or pink lace for decoration purpose.

  • Consider the size of the Valentine Heart Shaped Cushion firstly.
  • Then cut 2 equal sized hearts from the red satin cloth, Put together some sponge in between the clothes
  • Now Sew both the halves together, Put the pink or white lace on the borders for styling.
  • Be more personal and write your lover’s name or some message on the Valentine Heart Shaped Cushion
  • You can also add some personal messages like “I Love You”, “Be My Valentine”. “Love You Forever” and others like this on the cushion spread to make it more charming for your Valentine!

Homemade Greeting Cards

Tips to made a paper greeting card by preschool kids at Classroom as holiday craft activity.

  • Just arrange Colored Hard Paper, Glitters, Dried Flowers, Ribbons, Glitters, Beads, Glue, Scale and Ceasar
  • And If you want to Valentine greeting cards to print with computer then, Take print it, fold and mail via post or give to your friends. Be sure to visit the birthday and greeting cards to color.

Valentines Necklace
Heart necklace is a very cute gift that can be presented to your beloved. A heart symbolizes love and giving your loved a heart portrays handing over one’s existence to another. And it becomes even more personal, romantic and charming when you make it yourself.

Hand Painted Wine Glass
Drinking your favorite wine out of a romantic wine glass has no comparisons. Now, if the glass is a special Valentine hand painted wine glass, it cannot be compared to anything in this world. Hand painted wine glasses are simply the most wonderful gifts that you can present your beloved.

Romantic Photo Frame
Don’t you just love it when you go through those old photographs and relive those moments of laughter and bask in the glory of fond memories! Freeze a moment of time and immortalize your love for each other by making your own personal valentine photo frame.

Valentine Charm Pencil
It is Valentine’s Day once again. Thinking of what new and special to gift your beloved this Valentine’s so that he can cherish it for lifetime! Why not create some charm Valentine pencils for your lover and let him use them in place of his regular pen. It is easy to make Valentine charm pencil and gift to your beloved.

Valentine Love Book
Valentine’s Day is celebrated to rejoice love, passion, care and romance among couples throughout the world on 14th February. Gifts like chocolates and flowers always scream of romance but why not take a different route this Valentine’s Day. Treat your love with a unique love book.

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