First Crush

The First crush of life is like Those First Pangs Of Love! Valentine’s Day garner you with the most beautiful feeling in the whole world. Of course, being with your loved one and basking in their undivided attention is the best way to cherish the Valentine’s Day and revel in the glory of love. If this would be your first valentine the event becomes more special. These are the moments that you will cherish forever. Sharing a First Kiss is indeed a memorable experience. It is something that will be recorded in the lanes of your memory for the rest of your life and whichever occasion you might encounter in the later stages of your life, it would be one such chapter which you would like to visit forever. There is a charm attached to the First Kiss which will happen just once!

Now if you have just entered the steps of teenage and feeling the familiar pangs but not sure about what to do or how to be definite if you have developed your First Crush or not.

  • You will feel very queasy in their presence.
  • You might also go speechless while talking to them or the minute they walk into the room in front of you.
  • Normally when you have a crush on someone you try to catch their attention by teasing them calling them.
  • He or she might get annoyed or feel uncomfortable with your attitude then it is an indication for you to back out.
  • Try to call them on phone. It normally scares the living daylights out of you but you can just follow certain tips like being calm, talking slowly and carefully and always being a good listener!
  • This takes care of your confirming your crush part and how you are expected to behave then. Now that it is confirmed that you have indeed developed your First Crush on someone, there comes the major question whether he or she reciprocates back the feeling or not. It can be checked duly by taking notice of the following
    • If he or she is being attentive to you and looking after your needs.
    • If they try to make you feel good about yourself and say all the good things to their friends and family members.
    • If he or she is willing to accept you with all your flaws.
    • If her or she is giving support to you i.e. standing behind you in every situation whether good or bad.