Friendship is one such relationship which we make ourselves. It is something which is not transferred pr passed on use since the time we take birth on earth. You get all relations attached with you. But one thing for which you need to work upon is making your own friends who might not be related to you by blood. These are the people which form your social circle. These are the people on whom you can rely upon in absence of your family. Sometimes, Friendship even surpasses the blood relations. Think about it? Where would you turn to when your father kicks you out of home on again failing an exam? Who would be standing next to you when your girlfriend breaks up with you? Who will be your fashion advisor when you have a really big date planned for night? And who would lend you support when you are really emotionally down and need someone to cheer you up with? That’s what Friends are for.

Maintain your friendship with people always take a lot of work than you can think of. Of course, it would seem that friends come and go. But what people fail to understand that true friends come only once and when they go, they don’t come back. So try to keep your good friends with you who stand by you in your thick and thin times. You can rely on your friend for everything. They are your pillar of strength in every phase of your life. You can discuss anything with them from petty issues like what kind of food to eat to major ones when to get married or which career to choose? They are the ones who guide you through right and wrong paths and stop you from indulging in something which is not right for you. You should always take up the chance to showcase your Best and close friend how much they mean to you!

Here are certain things to keep in mind if you want your Friendship to go a long way

  • Be a good listener to your friend.
  • Always be there for your friend to lend your support in any kind of situation..
  • Always try to communicate with your friend. Try to talk about things which they like.
  • Try to cheer them up with small, light hearted talks..
  • Become confidante of your friend. Be trustworthy enough.
  • Make eye contact while talking to them to convey about your honesty and true Friendship!
  • In case of any misunderstanding, Solve the issues mutually.
  • Always praise your friend for good things and guide them to right way, If they are on wrong side.

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