Happy Hug Day SMS 2013

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Happy Hug Day…..
Cute is when a personzz prsnlity!!!!
shins through deir luks.
Lyk in the way they walk,
every time u see dem…
u jst want 2-run up & hug them.

Happy Hug Day…
I hv a przent 4-u,
bt I need 2-borrow
ur arms 4 wrapping paper.

There r momentsss in
ur lyf when u really miss someone
that u want 2 pick them from
ur dreams & hug them 4-real
Hope u dream of dat some-1.

I wil not play tug o war.
I would rather play hug o’ war.
Where everi-1 hugs instead of tugs,
Where everi-1 giggles & rolls on the rug,
Where everi-1 kises,
& every-1 grins,
& every-1 cuddles,
& every-1 wins.
Happy Hug Day…

A hug is a handshake 4m the
\ /

So alwayzzz remain…
cloz 2–my heart & bst
vshz on dis hug day.

Hugs r a means of transfring….
energy to an-other prsn who is dear 2uu….
dis vil replenish depleted…
energy at any time particularly….
ven a dear person is sick….

Did you know that..
Hugs grease the wheels
of the world.
So Plz Give me a hug …..
I Love you….

Ohhhh, I luv hugging.
I vish I waaaz an octopus,
so I could huggg 10+ people at a time!!!1

I could not remmbr any-1!!!!!
hugging me like that before….
Have Great Hug Day….

((Bil Keane))) Says That….
A hug is like a boomerang
u get it back right away.>>>>>

Arms r 4 hugging,!!!
boys r 4 kissing,!!!
sluts r 4 dissing & best!!!
frndzzz r 4 when the boy is!!
kissing the slut & all!!!
u really need is a hug.!!!