Happy Hug Day Sms Text Messages

Happy Hug Day 2012 Messages

  • Happy Hug Day Sms
    Tonight I ask the stars above
    How i’ll ever win your Hug Day
    What do I do
    What do I say
    to turn ur angel eyes my way?
  • Hug Day Texts Messages
    Its big
    Its warm
    Its here
    It’s a big funny hug With lots of love
    From a heart that beats
    Just 4 u!
  • Hug Day 2012 Sms in English
    If you read,you owe me a HUG,
    if you delete,you Owe me a kiss,
    if you save,you owe me a DATE,
    if you return text msg to me,
    you OWE me All,
    but if you ignore,
    you are mine!
    So what will you do?
  • Happy Hug Day 2012 Msgs
    No matter where you are
    i’ll always find my way to ….
    Hug you tight & shower you with my kisses
    I love only you!
  • Hug Day Greetings
    It’s funny how a little hug
    Makes everyone feel good
    In every place & type
    It’s always understood