Happy Promise Day Quotes Sayings, Wishes

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Promise Day Quotes For Customer:
If you make the customer a promise..
make sure you deliver it…
We Doing that sinse 5 years..
Happy Promise Day 2 All..

Wishing You Have A Very Happy Coming Promise Day..
“William Dean Howells” Says …
” An acre of performance
is worth a whole world of promise. “

Beautiful Advice:
Always take care of three things in Life:
1–> Trust>
1–> Promise>
1–> Relation>
Coz thay do not make noise???
when they break.
Plz Care These Three Words…
Happy Promise Day..!!

I said…!!!
Of course..!!!!
But you keep the promise anyway.
Thats what love is.???
Love is keeping the promise anyway..
Happy Promise Day…

Thought to2-be nice,
Even to2 superstition,
In keeping there promises,
& there-4 equally cautious in making them…
Have A Good Promise Day,

Golden Words::
After-a century> of striving,
Aftr-a year of> debate,
Aftr-a historic> vote,
Health care reform is no longer an unmet promise.
It is the law of the land…
Have Happy Promise Day.

“Tom Allen”
Stem cell research holds out…
The promise of finding…
Cures and treatments…
For a wide range of diseases…

You Know That..
… !!! ???
Promises are like babies..
… !!! ???
easy to make,
hard to deliver.
Hahahaha. . .
Happy Promise Day My Dear..

Love is a promise,
Love is a souvenir,
Once given never forgotten,
Never let it disappear…
I LOve you>> Happy Promise Day>>

Happy Promise Day
” It is not the oath,,
That makes us believe the man,
But the man the oath..”

Promise Is What ???
” Eggs and oaths are easily broken.”

On Promise Day ..
What Bussnise Math Says ….
“” Promises make debt
and debt makes promises. “”
Happy Promise Day

My Lifes Beautiful Words I Ever Read..
“”We promise according to our hopes,,
and perform according to our fears. “”
Happy Promise Day

Promises are like!!!!!
Like >>>
Crying babies in a theater..
They should be carried out at once…
Good On This Promise Day.