Happy Propose Day SMS In Hindi 2013

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u r Like The Sunshine So Warm..
u r Like Sugar –So Sweet,
u r Like u….
And Thats The Reason Why !!!!
I Love You So…
So Go & Get Going…
B-coz This Is The Day..
Happy Propose Day..

Propose Day Shayari:
tum se Kuch kehnay ko dil krta ha,
aur Jisay kehty huey darr lagta ha,
Aaaj Propose Day Hai….
Keh Hi Dalte Ha, Hum Tumhein…
Dil o Jaan se Zyada…Muhabbat Krte Hai..
Sandle na utaaareyo …
mazaak kar riyaa tha…
Happy Propose Day 2013.. 😉

Dress code for Feb-14 Valentine Day:
Green For—-> Leave me Alone..
Red For—-> Going 2 Propose..
Pink For—-> Accepted Proposal..
Black For—-> Rejected Proposal..
White For—-> Already Booked..
Day Dear>>>

Propose Day Poems In Hindi
Tm mosam-mosam lgty ho,
jo pall-pall rang badallty ho,
Tm saawan-saawan lagtey ho,
jo saddiyon baad barastey ho,
Tm palll-palll mujsy larty ho,
par phir b achy lgty ho,
Baat tu hai sharmeeli see parrr,
kehny ko dil yeh chahata hai,
hum aaj tumhy ye kehty hain,
k tm jeevan-sapna lagty ho,
Happy propose day…

Happy Propose Day 2u
All I wanted was some-1,
to care for me,
All I wanted was some-1,
who’d b there for me,
All I wanted was some-1,
who would be true,
All I wanted was some-1,
like you..
Love You so Much..

I do not know why,
I like u,
I do not know why,
I feel sad on a day when,
I do not see ur face,,
I only know one thing that,
I do not bear any meaning with-out u.
I know what love is,
It is b-coz of you…
I Love You…

How Indian Boy Propose To Indian Girl,
ladki ladky Se:
Jaaan Mjy is tarhaan Propose Kro
k aj kat kisi dunya k ladky ne ladki ko na kiyaa ho,,

Larka replys,,,
Kameeni pheeeni I Love U..
meri zindagi main aao aur
MjhSe Shadi Kar mera chain aur sakoon
Tabah o barbaad KrDey,,
Paa jee kadi hass v leya karo..

u Not Require Roses???
Gifts Or Some love words,
What u Require Is Intense Feeling
Of Love & Passion.
Go Ahead & Propose ur Mate.
That is the day.. say all.
Have A Happy Propose Day.

I’hv nvr been able to conceive…
How any rational being could…
Propose happiness to himself…
4rm the exercise of power over others…
Enjoy Propose Day..
And Say It All Today..

In Hindi Language:
A Boy proposes a Girl
If she says “Yes”
What Boy feels ???
“Pata nai kitnon ko haaan bola hoga??
If she says No…
They feel ???
Wo khud ko Katrina kareena samajti hai??
Lovely Indians…

Propose Day Hindi Poetry
Unhain chahana hamari kamzori hai,
Un se kh nai paana hamaari majboori hai,
Wo q nai samajhtey hamaaari khaamoshi ko,
Kyaa payar ka izhaar karna zaruri hai…
Love You My Friend..

As a matter of fact,
she has refused to marry me…
So when’s the wedding?????
Tell Me Dear ??

For hearing my thoughts…
understanding my dreams…
& being my best friend…
for filling my life…
with joy and loving me without end..
( I do )

As long as I live
under the capitalistic system
I expect to have my life,
influenced by the demands of moneyed people.
But I will be damned if,
I propose the be at the beck
and call of every itinerant scoundrel,
Happy Propose Day 2013…