Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts

Often Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap for being too commercial and too materialistic. The same traditional gifts are available in the stores and markets. There is nothing better than gifting your beloved a homemade gift. Creativity and hard work can make the gift extra special for your beloved. Even the most expensive gifts look dull and valueless in front of a gift that you have made with your own hands. It shows the extra effort put in to express your seriousness in your relationship. These romantic homemade gifts have a special significance and speak volumes about how much you care for the other person. Check out our homemade gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Homemade Gift Ideas

  • Prepare a scrapbook with all the pictures of both of you right from when you first met till date. Decorate it with heart stickers and bind it with a red ribbon and a red rose.
  • Make an ‘I Love You’ box to shoe your love to your partner. Take a shoe box; decorate it with hearts, bows and pictures of your both. Fill the box with small pink notes containing your love messages. Surprise your partner with box when he/she is back to home.
  • If you know the fine art of embroidery, you can embroidery your names on a blanket with small hearts and stars around it symbolizing your glowing love for each other.
  • List down all the reasons why you love your partner and post them on the walls of your home. You can use pink or red heart-shaped paper to make it even more romantic and appealing.
  • Make a CD full of both of yours’ favorite romantic songs.
  • Prepare a personalized photo calendar by selecting and pasting 12 of your best and favorite photos on the calendar.
  • Collect some old newspapers and magazines. Cut out words and phrases to combine into a romantic, sexy and humorous Valentine’s message. Now cut out a large red heart-shaped thick paper and paste your message onto it.
  • Bake Valentine’s Day treats for your lover and spend the evening in those cozy arms. Cookies, cakes, cupcakes, squares, muffins, candies, the list is endless.
  • Get some saplings from the local nursery. Plant them in your garden in a way that it shows both your initials. With time, they will grow into lovely plants that signify your growing love for each other.
  • Make love rocks and carve special messages in them. Make around 8-10 such love rocks, put them in a crystal bowl and keep it in your bedroom.