How to Kiss A Boy?

After you are lucky enough to get the boy of your dreams comes a part into your relationship where you would share your first kiss together? It might not be the first kiss of your life, but it would be surely a first one between the two of you. In fact, it would be a thing which will take your relationship forward to the next level. It becomes thus equally strenuous for a girl to know exactly How To Kiss A boyfriend? It is not something which you can learn by book. Practice will you make perfect by time. But till then, taking the help of certain tips and suggestions will do wonders for you and who knows your boyfriend might christen with you the term of world’s best kisser! It is all about pleasing the heart of your guy and enjoying the moment together. Just go with the flow!

It all comes down to the chemistry shared between the two of you. If there are sparks flying between the both of you then it surely means there is a prospective mutual liking culminating into something special in the future. However, a first kiss is always a special feeling which you will cherish it forever. So while kissing your guy you need to keep certain points in mind so as to be sure about the fate of your relationship. Also you don’t want to come out as a clumsy person in front of them. Here are certain pointers to know How To Kiss A guy?

  • Make sure the person is right for you. Else the whole effect would just mar away.
  • See if the guy is equally inclined towards kissing you. You cannot ask it, but can read it through their gestures. Lean a bit closer. If they do the same too, then you can approach them for kiss.
  • It wouldn’t do you harm to wait for the guy to make a fist move. However, there are certain guys who like to their women to lead the way. You can just kiss him first softly to know his reaction.
  • A light kiss is always the best one. After that if the guy feels the same he can take things from there further.
  • Be sensuous and try to blotch out the outside world. Don’t be conscious as it takes away all the pleasure from kissing.
  • Make sure the ambience is just perfect for a kiss.
  • After the kiss wait for his reaction and take things from there further!