How to Say I Love You in French?

Celebration Of Valentines Day In France with Love Connection! Valentine’s Day is one such occasion wherein you get to spend some quality time with your beloved. This day gives you a chance to be together with your beloved and express your unconditional love for them in a very special way. Some of the most beautiful and romantic Celebration you can have Of Valentine’s Day is in France. In fact, you will find saying I Love You In French while taking part in the Celebration Of Valentines Day In France is indeed quite a romantic experience! The language doesn’t matter as long as your feelings are genuine. However, French is considered to be the most romantic language of the world and the country is famous for its romantic excavations. Being part of one, will give you a chance to showcase your love how much you mean to them!

I love you = Je t’aime

The Verb ‘To Love’
Love (verb) = Aimer
Aimer means “to like” or “to love” when followed by a noun or infinitive.
Present tense: j’aime, tu aimes, il aime, nous aimons, vous aimez, ils aiment
Example: Je t’aime (I love you)

The Noun ‘Love’
Love (noun) = Amour
Example: Mon Amour (my love)
Useful Phrases

I love you = Je t’aime
I love you, too = Moi aussi je t’aime
My love = Mon amour
Be in love with = Etre amoureux de
Make love = Faire l’amour
With love = Avec amour
Love letter = Lettre d’amour
Will you marry me? = Veux-tu m’épouser ?

Valentine’s Day In France is celebrated with much fervour and enthusiasm. In fact, you can find the traces of this day dating back to the Middle Ages when people used to believe that the birds mating period started from the second half of the second month of the year i.e. 14th of February. Lovers used to find this an occasion suitable enough for proposing their partners. There are many writers and poets in these centuries who wrote magnificent amount of literature about the love, romance and Valentine’s Day. It picked up pace from there only. The record of first ever Valentine’s Day Greeting Card can be also be trace in France only when Charles, Duke Of Orleans wrote a poem to his wife during his imprisonment in the Tower Of London after the war if Agincourt in 1914.

Many interesting Valentine’s ay traditions can be found in the history of France. One of the most popular one is the drawing of chits of people from a jar and then getting paired off. Herein, people to go into housed facing each other and call out to one another across the windows of the two houses. If you like your partner, then you can go ahead with him. If the guy doesn’t like his partner then he can move on to the next house. Women were given the opportunity on this day to burn the pictures of those men who broke their heart or rejected them, however, it was banned later by the French Government. Exchanging of elegant beautiful cards is still called as Cartes d’amities in France! Paris and Colmar are two places where you can definitely have an increase in the romance quotient. Standing on top of the Eiffel Tower, or walking through the lanes of Louvre Museum or even spending time in the shade of wine industry of Colmar, everything will speak of your romance for your charming partner!

There are two ways that you can use to say “I Love You” in French language, The two ways are 1. “Je t’aime” and 2. “Je t’adore”.

“Je t’aime”: “Je” is the French word for “I”. It is pronounced like the first two letters in the English word “just”. “t’aime” is “love you”. The “t” indicates the “you”, and it is an abbreviation of the French word “toi”. To pronounce “t’aime”, think of the English word “tame” (like a tame animal). However, rather than having the long “a” sound, substitute the “e” sound in “men”. So, you have a phrase that sounds like “Ju teme”.

For reply of I Love you, You can say “Moi aussi, je t’adore”.