How to Say I Love You on Valentine’s Day

Give words to your feeling by confessing your love in front of a person for whom you are nursing feelings for a long time is always a difficult thing. As we know that there is always a big fear in the minds of people that they might not get their partner’s approval. This is a very heart breaking thought and everyone is just not willing to succumb to their fears. To Say I Love You to him or her scared the living deaths out of even the most strongest of persons. As a matter of fact, admitting to your love in public also take a lot on a person’s part. It all comes down to the humiliation and embarrassment attached with the emotion. It is considered you turn into a marshmallow when you are in love with someone and if you don’t get it in return it becomes a matter of public humiliation which is only a state of mind and nothing else. Just say the Three magical Words “I Love You” to your sweet heart and propose him/her to be your Valentine.

The next big question that comes to your mind is How To Say I Love You? Surely this is not something which you can yell from the rooftops and announced in the newspaper and done with it. It takes patience and proper execution to get your lover’s hand. You don’t just have to say it. You have to mean it too so as to convince your partner about your love for them! There are various ways attached with this proposal. After all, you are saying to this to the love of your life and not just anyone. Before proposing someone make sure of certain things like:

Things to keep in mind while saying ILU to someone

  • Right person- Are you with the right person? If your heart says yes then go ahead and say I Love You to your beloved. If it is meant to be it will bring along happiness and joy in your life!
  • Right Time and Place- Ambience always play an important part in creating an impression your partner. If you take them out to a romantic place and then pop the question, it will certainly bear you good results!
  • How To Say I Love You- Just keep it simple and don’t mar the effect with too many heavy words. Convey your feeling sin the simple yet sincere manner and you will make your beloved smile with delight!
  • Be Ready- You must be ready to deal with a romantic relationship and handle it carefully. You should always pay attention to your partner’s needs!