How to Say Sorry to Her

You have had your first big fight with her and it is all a big mess. Now you are wondering as to how to say sorry to her. You love her a lot and wouldn’t want to lose her for a lame reason like a fight. Saying sorry to girl never killed anyone! Yet, somehow, it is never too easy to utter the word “Sorry”. Swallow your ego and bury your pride in the backyard. ‘Sorry’ is a miraculous word that has the power to heal past grievances and bury the unpleasant memories that stirred the fight. A mere sorry said with sincere emotions can work wonders and will not only help your partner to clear the heavy feeling’ in her heart but will also revitalize fresh emotions that is very important for a healthy relationship. Apologizing to her is all about making her feel special. Remember the feeling of love that binds the two of you together and let go of all your egos to strengthen an emotion much stronger than any kind of self esteem. Read on further about some ideas to say sorry to her and trust me, it is all for the better.

Saying Sorry To A Girl

  • The first step is ‘self acceptance’. You must always keep in mind that no person is perfect and everyone is bound to make mistakes at one point or the other. Hence, try to forgive yourself as well as your partner without evaluating the situation critically.
  • Try to work on the areas or situations that led to the fight to avoid any further complications and conflicts.
  • Analyze the situation. Don’t force her to accept your apology if she has still not relaxed. It can only make the situation worse.
  • Let her calm down and approach her when she is cool enough to talk again.
  • Never ever apologize on the phone or the Internet. It is way too impersonal and shows how insensitive you are. If you have a problem facing her and talking, then write her a letter and deliver it yourself. Wait outside until she reads it fully.
  • Accept your mistake and get done with it as soon as possible. Don’t go over the situation and what caused the fight again and again.
  • If she asks for time, don’t hesitate. Ask her what you can do to make her feel better and be genuine. Your feelings have to be heartfelt. Always remember, a woman can see through fake feelings.
  • A bunch of flowers or a small gift can help a lot in making a woman feel better and cared of. And you have better chances of patching up again!