Kiss Day 2013 Wishes In Hindi

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Happy Kiss Day…
Kiss is fly from lips,
Lips is wet also kiss,
Do not miss a kiss…
it is a valve of this,

As–u go 2–bed T2–night,
I beg the moon 2–give u light,
Telling my angels 2–hug you tight
And make sure you will b–all right,
I asked the gentle breeze 2—kiss u…

A Beautiful Chinese Proverb….
Kissing is like drinking salted water.
u drink & ur thirst increases.
Kiss ????? Don’t Kiss >>>?????

He did!
I knew it!
I have seen the way he looks at u.
I knew this was coming.
I saw it from a mile away.
I did not want to think about it…

Any man who can drive safely…
While kissing a pretty girl…
Is simply not gvng the kiss..
the attention it deserves….
Just do It Today..
Have A Good Kiss Day..UmmHhaa..

Kiss Day Funny Messages
Happy Kiss Day
You Know ….
“A man’s kiss is his signature.”
Be A man My Dear…
Just Do It…

Kiss Day Funny Quotes
Smile is the scond bst thing u can do with ur Lips.
What is first thing?
Don;t you Know ?????
Realy ?????
thats not Possible dear???
Just Guess!!!
nop  ???
The Answer is “KISS”
Give Me …..

Funny Kiss Day Sms Hindi
Kiss Day,
Is Not Simply “Kiss Day”
It Is Realy ( Kiss De )
To Phirr Do Kiss
Happy Kiss Day

People thought!
we were celebrating blasphemy 4-its own sake,
encouraging people 2-b as obnoxious as they could b.

If it was not 4-KISS,
There would-b no Guns–N–>Roses.
Bands like that made Guns–N–>Roses.
We were 5-guys
with 5-personalities & 5-different influences.
The stars were aligned 4-us.
Samajh aaai K nahi ????

Simply ….
Kiss is autograph of —>lOve,
Music of affection & sign of seduction.
Happy Kiss Day 2u.