Kiss Day SMS 2013 In Hindi

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Today Is Kiss Day….
NC-17 means that u get it in like 3 theaters.
They would not run the spots on MTV,
would not run the advertising.
Its the kiss of death,,,
so there was really no other choice..

Kiss Day Advice
Nvr KISS a lady-police,
She will say …hands up.
Never KISS a lady-doctor,
She will say …Next please,
Always KISS a lady-teacher,
She will say …repeat it 5 time,

Ingrid Bergman Says That.
A kiss is a lovely trick…
designed by nature…
2 stop speech…
when words b-come superfluous.

Chaaho to dil se hamme mitta dena,
Chaaho to hamko bhula dena,
Pr aik vada karo a dost,
Ki jab yad aaye hamaari to,
rona matt bas muskura dena…

A kiss…
that speaks volumes is..
seldom a first edition.
by: Clare Whiting!!

Its Kiss Day..
And I just bugged u..
in my thoughts..
Hope u felt the squezze!
Happy Kiss Day.

Kiss Day Riddle
{ Cntr Of The –SKY–,
–Y–Change Into —I–,
Double Of The 1st }
Giv Me Jst…!
Do u Understand This Riddle???
Then Reply!

If u do anything for too long,
it starts to lack edge,
to become too easy.
Easy is the kiss of death.

u r so es-pecial 2me.
U know That There is nothing bttr…
than Having u as a frnd.
To share each day with…
Thank u for making my Day brighter
Happy Kiss Day…
Give Me A Sweet Kiss..

Promise 2 give me a kiss…
on my brow…
when I’m dead….
I shall feel it.
Love …
Enjoye Kiss Day.. UmmhhaaA..

“B-coz there is nothing more beautiful,
than the way the ocean refuses,
to>stop >>kissing the shoreline,
no matter how many times it is sent away.

What “Rene Yasenek” Said ????
Kissing is a means of..
getting two people so close together,,
that they can not see..???
anything wrong with each other.

A kiss is a special thing…
that u can cant take wit-hout giving,
& u cant give wit-hout taking.
Enjoy kissing and kissing day.

Let me feast of ur love & of ur lips..
4 I’m in love with u.
Let me always kiss ur mouth eyes all of you.
Happy Kiss Day My Sweety..

HaPpY KiSs DaY….
This is a story about control…
my control….
I hope you enjoy this as much as I do…

We are all mortal…
until the 1st kiss & the second glass of wine.
Have A Happy Kiss Day 2uuu..UmMhHhhaaaa..