Kiss Day SMS Quotes Greetings 2013 In English

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Hey Listen My Love, I Expose The Secret
Of Communication And Mouth Is Made For
Communication & Nothing Is More Articulate
Than Kiss, Have A Sweet Kiss Day.


That Was Awesome Feelings When She Kissed
Me At 1st Time, I Was Suprised & Shocked
SHe Replied That It Was My 1st Gift Which
I Could Never Forget, Happy Kiss Day..


Love Gives Way To Kiss To Your Lover
One day you will kiss a man you can’t
Breathe without and find that breath
Is of little consequence, Happy Kiss Day>>*<<


There Is No Way To Judgement Of My Importance
I Suggest That Only Thing Can Show That Is
Kiss me, and you will see how important I am..


When You Kiss Your Lover, It Resolve The Many
Secrets Of The Life Of Your Lover, And
Kiss Is A Secret Which Takes The Lips For The Ear


If You Have Something Wrong With Your Lover
So Nothing Can Bring To End The Dispute
Except One Thing That Is Kiss, Just Do Kiss
At Lips The Matter Resolves, Happy Kiss Day


I Have Only One Single Solution For All
Disputes Occured In Love Matters, Just
Made A Link Through Kiss, Every Thing Will
Be Solved In Seconds, Happy Kiss Day!!


Just Kiss Me And Take Me Away From This World
Promise To Give Me A Kiss On My Brow
When I Am Dead, I Shall Feel It
Happy Sweet Kiss Day..!!


Happy Kiss Day English Sms Quotes 2013 – Kiss Day 2013:

Kiss is not like NOKIA…..
Connecting People….
Kiss is not like NIKE….
Just Do It….
Kiss is not like PEPSI…
Yeh Dil Maange More.
But Kiss is like PAN PARAG….
Ek Se Mera Kya Hoga…
Happy Kiss Day 2013….

Love is heat…..
You are sweet….
When two lips meet….
Love is complete..
Happy Kiss Day 2013


Happy Kiss Day 2013 – Happy Kiss Day English Quotes 2013:

A KISS without a HUG is like a Flower without the Fragrance.
Happy Kiss Day 2013

The best things…
in life are UNSEEN….
That’s why We close…
Our Eyes when we…
Happy Kiss Day 2013……


Happy Kiss Day 2013 Quotes – Happy Kiss Day English Quotes 2013:

I love the way You KISS me
on my cheek Yet so SOFTLY
So I just want You to know
I want You to be the Last Boy
Happy Kiss Day 2013


Happy Kiss Day Quotes – Happy Kiss Day Quotes In English

Today Is Kiss Day…
I’m Going to Explain You Real ART Of Kiss on the -> Forehead…..
Forever you will be mine…..

Kiss on the ->Ear……
I am horny…..

Kiss on the ->Cheek….
We’re friends…..

Kiss on the ->Hand……
I adore u….

Kiss on the ->Neck….
We belong together…

Kiss on the->Shoulder…
I want u….

Kiss on the ->Lips….
I love u….
I want u….