Long Distance Gift Ideas

Long distance relationships are difficult to maintain but if you are serious, then Valentine’s Day is perfect enough to make that relationship even stronger, healthier and long-lasting. No matter how far your beloved lives, gifts can always speak your feelings. They can be a token of your undiminished love. Sending gifts to long distance lovers has to be planned well in advance since it take time in carriage. This article discusses the various meaningful gift ideas that can be sent to your long distance lovers.

Popular Gifts for Long Distance Relations

  • You can buy seven Valentine’s Day cards where you can mail the first one so that it reaches seven days before the day, the second reaches six days before, and so on.
  • Large bouquet of flowers complemented with chocolates and stuffed toys can also be given a thought.
  • Send your love assorted gift baskets with personalized messages. Coffee gift baskets, fruit gift baskets, wine baskets could be a few options.
  • Try out something unique by sending a cookie bouquet or a cookie basket filled with delicious decorated cookies.
  • Right love and thoughtful notes on 365 candy wrappers and wrap candies in them. Ask your lover to open up one candy a day.
  • Pen down a romantic story staring the two of you and send it across with a personalized romantic novel.
  • Get a locket carved with both your initials and let your beloved cherish it for lifetime.
  • Compile a collage or a scrapbook with pictures of yours and your partner (in case you have them) and pen down love notes and quotes and send it to your lover.
  • Create a CD with your or your partner’s favorite romantic numbers and record a message exclusively for him/ her after the end of each song.
  • Gift your beloved some adorable pajamas that they can wear or a blanket to snuggle in while they are talking to you on phone in those chilly winters.