Propose Day Quotes, Sayings 2013

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Happy Propose Day..
You Should Know That..
Love is like a golden chain..
That links our hearts 2-gether..
& if u evr brk that chain..
u will break my hrt 4ever..

1 Larka 1 Larki Ko Propose Karta Hai.
Boy: I Love U..
Girl : Thapar Marungi.
Saraiki Boy: ty phir mukka v khaaengi.. 😉

Simply just Two Line …
I wish you a very Happy Propose Day 2013.
I Love you>>>>

My Feelings Get Stronger day by day,
To Be In Ur Arms,
I Can not Wait Any Longer.!!!
Look Into My Eyes and u will See That It is True,
Day and Night My Thoughts are Of you..

Informative Message:
Dresses Code For the Feb 14
Blue >–< Free
Green >–< Waiting
Orange >–< Going To Propose
Pink >–< I am Available
Black >–< I am not looking For U

Can u tell me the solution plz???
You Can do .. !!
I’m not getting proper way to
Propose You.
Plz Tell Me…
Waiting for you answer..

If I !!!
Reached For Your White Hand… Will U Hold It???
If I !!!
Hold Out My Soft Arms… vil you Hug Me???
If I !!!
Go For Your Pink Lips… vil you Kiss Me???
If I !!!
Capture your Loveful Heart… vil tou Love Me???

Propose Day Quotes For Engineer
Engineer Ask A Girl..!!!
will you plz marry me.
And gave 3 options.
a). Yes
b). a)
c). b)
Plz Select One option.

Strong Way To Easy Propose:
What A Lovely ropose From A Boy
Here We go…..
Boy: Would You Mind,
Sharing Your Address With Me
Girl: ???
Why I Do That ???
Boy: Because That Is !!!
Where I Would Take My Marriage Vows One Day..

Funny Propose Sms In Hindi,
-> Xcuse me
-> jee kahiye janaab.
-> Mere hone wale bachon ki taraf se…
aapko Happy Mother’s DAY..
Khataak Apko Happy Sandle Day…
Paa jee kaddi hass v leya karo..

>No other terms than…
>unconditional & immediate surrender.
>I >>> propose to move immediately upon ur works.
Happy Propose Day 2013..

Each religion…>>
by the help of more or less…>>>
myth which it takes more or less seriously,
proposes some method of fortifying the
human soul and enabling…>>>
it to make its peace with its destiny.

Govt K proposal …
Government proposes,
bureaucracy disposes.
And the bureaucracy must dispose of government
proposals by dumping them on us.
samajh i ????
nahi /…
choro …
Happy Propose Day 2013…