Rose – A Beautiful Expression of Love on Valentine’s Day

Flowers are a beautiful symbol of expression. They are a true representative of all emotions related to human nature. Thus, flowers are an indispensable gifting idea when it comes any occasion which celebrates our heartfelt emotions. And especially so when the occasion is the one celebrating one of the most alluring feelings among all of human emotions, love. Therefore, it is but natural that flowers have become an integral part of the occasion of Valentine’s Day since a long time.

Though there are many varieties of flowers like daisies, irises, daffodils that can be gifted on Valentine’s Day. But, the rose wins hand down when it comes to popularity and relevance as far as the occasion goes. The word rose has come from the Latin word rosa meaning red, and the flower has been a symbol of love since ancient times. Rose was supposedly created by Chloris, the Greek goddess of flowers. Rose is a blossom with a sensuous fragrance and delicately yet beautifully crafted petals. The colour of a rose is a silent communication of the feelings that are being conveyed from the receiver to the giver. A bouquet of flowers is a small cluster or arrangement of flowers. People even gift bouquets of different colour blossoms to mark the emotions that dominate an occasion.

  • White – True love, purity of the mind and reverence
  • Pink – Grace, gentle feelings of love
  • Dark Pink – Gratitude
  • Light Pink – Admiration, sympathy
  • Yellow – Friendship, celebration and joy
  • Yellow with red tips – Friendship, falling in love
  • Lilac – Love at first sight and enchantment
  • Red – Love and passion
  • Coral – Desire
  • Peach – Desire and excitement or appreciation
  • Burgundy- Beauty
  • Blue – Mystery
  • Green – Calm
  • Orange – Enthusiasm and desire
  • Purple – Protection
  • Black Roses – “It’s Over”

The most popular flower on Valentine’s day is the red rose. Reasons for the same are two-fold, one is that the colour red represents love, and all lovers gift each other a red rose irrespective of the occasion. And, Valentine’s Day is the day of love, so the natural choice has to be a red rose. The second reason is in relation to the mythological significance of red rose, it is the favorite flower of Venus – the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty and this also makes it the perfect choice to be given to someone you love. This is one flower that has also been popularised as being the symbol of love and romance by poets, writers and philosophers since time immemorial.