Rose Day Quotes Sayings Wishes 2013

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Happy Rose Day….
Evri nite when I luk at the moon,
it reminds me of u,
how u can see the same moon.
It maks me sometimes
sad b-coz I can c the moon,
bt I cant see u.

I know Mama Rose is a grt….
role & I luv…
having a chance 2-do it.
Happy Rose Day…

Q rakhta h yad namon ko tu..,
Log to chehere ko bhi bhul jaaty hn,
Tm samunder ki bat kartey ho….
Log aankhon mein bhi doob jaty hain..

main aor humdam aik e gallli men bste hainn,
phirr bhi hum unk darshannn ko tarste hainn.
i love you TEJASVI…

| @@@ |
\@@@@ /
Bunch of rosese 4-u.
Happy rose day my beautiful…
friend…. 🙂

tm jaaan ho meri,
meri pahchaan ho tum ,
marrr jaonga door hokar,
mattt jana door mujhey meri,
Happy Rose Day….

We have not changed the way>>>>>
we are going to play.
Happy Rose Day…
And I Love You ……
Will You Be Mine Valentine

Its astonshing wattt a lot of…
odd minuts one can catch during the day,
if one really sts about it….
Happy Rose Day 2013

In frnt of us ly a smooth sandy beach,
beyond which rose gradually a
high wooded country,
& behind us was the sea,
studded vid numerous islands
of evri variety of 4m….

I read upon the…
subjct & grew more & more interested,
& after a time…
I b-came a memmbr of the National Board,
& had duties & rsponsiblties…
dat kpt me buzi aftr my days wrk was done…

special Roses For Special One…
on Special Rose Day 2013
Happy Rose Day 2013

24—-> hrs make a lovly day,
7—-> days make a lovly week,
52—-> weeks make a lovly year & knowing a
person lyk me will make ur lyf lovly.
Have a lvly Rose dy n lyf!!!

Rose Day Advice For All Lovers ….
Yellow roses indicate frndship & freedom
so dont snd dem if ur intentions r romantic & long lasting.
Yellow roses r also appropriate 4 sending congratulations 2 newlyweds,
& new mothers.
Happy Rose Day 2013…