Slap Day Quotes and Saying

Here is a small collection of quotes and sayings about slap, you may like these on 15th feb, the slap day.

• It is easy to give a slap to a naughty boy but the best punishment is to ask him to marry you.
• A slap is the best medicine that may be used to remove the madness of love from a boy’s mind.

I Don’t Think I’ll Have To Kill Her.
Just Slap That Pretty Face Into Hamburger Meat,
That’s All. – Sterling Hayden..

I’ll Take Anything And
Slap It On A Canvas. – Matthew Lawrence

Never Slap A Man Who Chews Tobacco. – Willard Scott

You Don’t Know Who You Messing With Man,
I Slap People For Fun. That’s What I Do Man!
You Wanna Play Rough, Huh, I Kill For Fun! – Chris Tucker

It Is Easy To Give A Slap To A Naughty Boy But
The Best Punishment Is
To Ask Him To Marry You. – Unknown