Body Language Of Attraction

The Body Art Of Seduction!

Have you been tormented by the thoughts of your lover being attractive to you or not? Is there a way for you to know if the girl or boy you like is getting attractive to you in some way or not? Yes, there is a fool proof way which can exactly tell you if a person is finding you attractive enough or not. It is called reading the Body Language Of Attraction. You just have to gauge the person’s feelings and mind through his body gestures and postures. If a person nurses feeling for the other person he or she will behave quite differently in front of them. In fact, their while body language changes in their presence. If you are a keen observed you will readily make out what exactly is going on in their mind regarding you. This would help you in making your next move if there is hope for your relationship, else you can simply think of another plan!

So what are the signs that tell you about the Body Language Attraction felt by one person for the other? There are many signs which you can read just by looking at the person. For example if you are talking about a girl, then she will wet her lips while talking to you which is clear indication of her feelings for you. If it s a guy we are talking about he will hook up his thumb in his trousers or jeans with hands facing downwards to showcase his attraction for you.

Following are some other most common and popular Body Language Attraction postures

Eye Contact : Is it the best tool while flirting with a person? If a person is looking directly at you without breaking their gaze for quite a while then that means they are attracted towards you. Mostly guys are known for showing their interest through this means. However, eye contact can be of another kind too when the person is feeling nervous in approaching you. In such a case he or she will look at you for a moment then move away shyly. It is a point for you to make a move!

Smile : Generally girls are known to smiley shyly upon the arrival of their crush. Same with guys, who seem happier and their face lits up with a genuine smile when a girl of their interest walks in.

Standing Posture: It tells you about the feelings of the person. If he is standing with arms open and shoulders straight then he is welcoming and self assured!