Treasure Hunt

The world celebrates love and romance in the form of Valentine’s Day on February 14. A day to express your feelings, affection, passion and togetherness, people can be seen buying gifts, flowers, chocolates, confectionary and cards for their loved ones. In case you are planning to celebrate this occasion with a group of friends or other couples, Valentine games prove to be worthy. One of the most popular games in all parties is the treasure hunt. It can be played on almost all occasions. But since our theme is Valentine’s Day, we shall tell you about the romantic theme of this game. Read on further to know how to play treasure hunt for Valentine’s Day. It will require a bit of planning beforehand.

How To Play Treasure Hunt

  • Select the venue of your treasure hunt and set a firm boundary. It could be your entire home, your backyard, or even your full street.
  • Divide people into groups of two or three, depending on the number of people.
  • Get some gifts packed according to the number of groups. Hide them in places where it is obvious they won’t look for!
  • Give each group a set of instructions, either in the form of a map or clues.
  • The group that finishes its task first and finds one gift is declared as the winner.