Valentine Day Ideas for Married

  • Who can resist love letters? You can hide the notes in various places for him/her to find through the day: the lunch bag, wallet, dashboard of the car…get creative. Again, as a general rule women will like love letters that are romantic. They should be about how beautiful she is, how amazing she is, and other pleasing aspects of her personality. Men, generally, will like to hear about their amazing muscles, and how incredible they are and how happy they make you.
  • Plan to watch a movie at home that you will both enjoy (No horror or action flicks). A romantic movie can set the atmosphere and you can take it from there. Have fun!
  • Re-enact your first date. If possible, go to the same places or find something similar. Reminiscing reminds you of the early days of your relationship. Wear what you did that day. Capture the magic that made you two fall in love.


Dating? Make it your license to thrill!

Forget red roses and chocolates and overcrowded restaurants, this year couples are looking to do something a little more unusual on 14th February

  • Balloon Goodies. Insert candy surprises into balloons before inflating them – add a folded-up Valentine’s message then inflate each balloon. Tie with a red ribbon and attach to your loved one’s chair for them to find Valentine’s morning.
  • Volunteer together. Why not spend some time together with your sweetheart and make a difference in the world all in the same date. Volunteer at a local community center, retirement home or animal shelter. You’ll be helping those in need while also getting to know your better half.
  • Start the day by dropping her at work in the morning, leave her with a box of chocolates and a love note inside. Keep the momentum through the day with calls and love SMS’s. Pick her up in the evening and have a romantic dinner out.

Left it to the last? 5 (Last-Minute) ways to have a romantic Valentine’s Day together.

  • Make an appointment for the two of you to get your picture professionally taken together.
  • See what his/her Horoscope is for this day & do something silly around that “theme”.
  • Spend a couple hours together writing romantic ideas on separate slips of paper. After you get a total of 10 romantic ideas on 10 pieces of paper, then fill a jar with them. Every Sunday, from this day on, alternate who picks one and has to implement it by the following Sunday.
  • Purchase an “I Love You” helium balloon from a local party store, then drive to his work and attach the balloon to the handle of his car door or windshield wiper.
  • Spend the day just photographing each other… maybe at a local park,  at the beach, restaurant, as well as indoors. Make sure you get someone to take some photos of the two of you together. Then frame one or make a collage!