Valentine’s Day Activities For Chidren

Valentine’s Day is a day which brings together two hearts closer to each other. It is a day for you to confess your true feelings for someone whom you have loved and admired for so long. The ancient history attached to the celebration of Valentine’s Day also supports this fact. You will be amazed to find the length to which people can go to make their Valentine feel special. On this occasion you are allowed to go a little over the top and be in a giddy mood. After all it is love we are talking about and Love can make do stranger things which are least expected from them. In contrast to the earlier belief of celebrating this day with your beloved and spouse only, people declare their love and gratitude to their friends and family members and to whole lot of other people who matter a lot in their lives.

Valentine’s Day For Preschool Child : This day of a play school going child would mean him or her to express their love for their parents, grandparents, teachers, siblings and friends. These kids who are believed to have the purest of souls at such a tender age in fact have the ability to recognise love quite easily. They can differentiate well between the purity and fakeness of the feelings expressed towards them. However, they are also taught by their elders to showcase their feelings of love and kindness to others. Children taught at such an early age grasp things easily and also are more likely to keep that in their minds thus moulding them into a better human being.

Here are certain suggestions/tips to make Valentine’s Day For Preschool Child more cheerful and fun filled

Plan out various arts and crafts activities for children at Preschool. You can have them make thumb print greeting cards, coloured sheet paper love messages, flowers for everyone they love etc.
You can also teach them in simple language what Valentine’s Day is about and all the relevant colours for every relationship..
Play around fun filled Valentine’s Games with them like guess hearts in the jar, play cupid, give flowers to your valentine, valentine dance etc..
Valentine’s Day For Preschool Child can also be made special at home by taking them out for special dinners, or a whole fun filled family picnic at some amusement park or naturally beautiful location which is pleasing to the eye and refreshing to the soul!