Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas

The Valentine’s holiday week is a time for you to revel in the glory of love and romance. This is a day to celebrate and cherish the feeling of love and sacrifice. It teaches you to value what we have and appreciate it in a much better way. If you are engaged then it would be just the day for you to make your beloved feel special and say a thank to you to them for being in your life. If you are unattached, then the time is right for you to ask someone on date whom you have been admiring for quite a long time now. 14th of February is famously touted as the day for lovers and couples across the world. But you can also express your feelings of love and admiration towards your friends and family members as well. Love can be present in any form,. The main thing is to able to recognise it and value it.

To make the day special for your beloved on Valentine’s Day, you can make something for them as your Valentine’s Day Gift. There are whole lot of Valentine Craft Ideas available at our website which will help you a lot in impressing your Valentine. You can also make these gifts in bulk and present them to all your loved ones. They would surely appreciate the effort very much. You can make greeting cards, candy necklace, charm pencil, valentine tree, painted stone with a heart motif, love rings, heart shaped cushions, floral centrepieces, painted wine glass etc.

Following are some of the Valentine Craft Ideas that you can use to make your spouse feel happy

Painted Wine Glass With A Love Quote

Things You Need- a wine glass, oil paints, paint brush, some red ribbon, love quote of your choice.

Take the wine glass.
With the use of oil paints and paint brush make tiny hearts and cupids in various colour on the glass.
Write a beautiful love quote in the centre of the wine glass surface.
Tie a red ribbon to the wine glass.

Valentine Charm Pencil

Things You Need- A new unused pencil, 4 heart shaped beads, thin ribbon, red colour card stock, pen, scissors, gluestick. Procedure:

Make use of the ribbon and tie on top of the pencil in such a way that two equal knots fall on either end of the pencil.
Take the heart shaped beads and thread them together on one of the ends of the ribbon and knot it close.
Now cut 2 hearts from the red colour stock and glue them together on the other end of the ribbon in such a way that ribbon comes goes through them.
Knot the ribbons and make trimmings if required.
Write a sweet love message for your partner on the heart!