Gift Ideas for Hug Day

No matter where you are
I will always find my way to
Hug you tight and shower you with my kisses
I love only you!
Wishing my dear a happy hug day 2013.

( . . ) BEAR
( ‘ ” ‘ ) HUG!!
Happy Hug Day 2013 to my dear girlfriend


A warm Hug to your loved one is the most special gift for the day. While hugging just take out a Rose from your pocket (which was hidden from your lover) and present to them. Your girl friend/boy friend would be startled and would really love it.

A greeting card for Hug Day is also a cool idea.

Sending Hug Day messages is another option and sending 2-4 messages at various time of day would be good. A hug sms message during early morning, noon, evening and night would make it even better.

Recall is just another gift idea, but it could do wonders. Just remember the times when you or loved one hugged other either in times of joy or sadness. Remembering those moments would be special at this time.