Gift Ideas for Rose Day

Today we will talk about Happy Rose Day 2013 Gift Ideas. We are here back again with another Rose Day 2013 articles. You want to celebrate this Rose Day 2013 in unique and innovative way and for which we will provide some unique and innovative rose day ideas for 2013. We will also give you Rose Day 2013 Gift ideas, you may love these gift ideas and send these Rose Day gifts to your Husband Wife, Boy friend girlfriend and your dear ones. Rose Day is first day of Valentine week starting from 7 February 2013.

Send Him Her a big Rose bouquet with every type of rose and with the bouquet  send a greeting with Rose Day Messages.

 You can send him her self made bouquet of Rose with different colors of rose available and with that a photo frame of yours and your partner’s.

 Find out what your partner love most in accessories and gift him/ her accessories on this rose day. You can buy it online and tell them to gift pack it.

 Start day by giving him her Rose by yourself and spend whole day with your partner and end the day again with a beautiful Rose Day bouquet.

The Valentine’s month starts with Rose Day! This is the day to confess your love, your softest feelings for the relation that you treasure the most. However, you can wish a Happy Rose Day to just about any beautiful people in your life with a single or bunch of long stemmed Roses. They say the long stemmed Roses are the symbol of wealth and romanticism. Well, that sounds thrilling indeed, in fact, as every flower has a wonderful story to tell, the rose stands alone in its abundant history and color meaning. The color of rose denotes special messages and one should be extremely careful whilst choosing Roses.

Meaning of Rose Colors

•    Red Rose for Love, beauty, courage and respect
•    White Rose for purity, innocence, silence and secrecy
•    Red and White Roses together for unity
•    Red and Yellow Roses together for jovial and happy feelings
•    White Rosebud for girlhood
•    Red Rosebud for purity and loveliness
•    Yellow Rose for friendship, delight and promise of a new beginning
•    Orange Rose for Desire and enthusiasm
•    Peach Rose for Closing the deal, Sincerity and Let’s get together
•    Pink Rose for appreciation, admiration, “Thank you” and grace
•    Light Pink Rose for admiration and sympathy
•    Dark Pink Rose for appreciation and gratitude
•    Thorn less Rose for the Love at first sight
•    Black Rose for Death and Farewell

 This was all about Happy Rose Day Ideas or Rose Day 2013 Gift Ideas. We will be following Valentines week sms and wallpapers and also publish Valentines day 2013 Gifts and Messages for your loved ones.