Happy Kiss Day Wishes Quotes 2013

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Happy Kiss Day
U Dear Its Kiss Day Today
“””A kiss is a secret…
which takes the lips for the ear”””

A kiss can be a comma |,|
A question mark |?|or an exclamation point|!|.
That is basic spelling
That every woman ought to know..

Today Is |Kiss| Day…
I’m Going to Explain You Real ART Of |Kiss|
Kiss on the ->Forehead!!! >>>Forever you will be mine<<<
Kiss on the ->Ear!!! >>>I am horny<<<
Kiss on the ->Cheek!!! >>>We’re friends<<<
Kiss on the ->Hand!!! >>>I adore u{
Kiss on the ->Neck!!!>>>We belong together<<<
Kiss on the->Shoulder!!!>>>I want u<<<
Kiss on the ->Lips!!!>>>I love u<<< OR >>>I want u<<<

Luv is lyk -> a cloud,
Luv is lyk ->a dream,
Luv is one -> word & everything in bit-ween..
Luv is a -> fairytale come true..
b-Coz I found Luv…
when I found u..

Best Ever Kiss Day Sms Message
Proposing you, was my desire…
Having you, is my jackpot…
Loving you, is my attitude…
Pleasing you, Always is my duty…
Missing you, is my Habit…
kissing you, is my Heartly wish…
Together Forever With you, my fulfillment .
Happy Kiss Day Dear..

Kiss Day Funny Hindi Sms Message
½ of love..
My mouth does nothing,
But long to kiss….
I just Love Kissisng..
Dr.Imran Hashmi.

The decision 2-kiss 4-the 1st time!!
is the most crucial in any love story.
It changes the rlationshp of 2-people..
much more strongly than evn the final surrender..
b-coz this kiss!!!!!
already has with-in it that surrender.

People who throw kisses!!!1
Are mighty hope-lessly & lazy.
From :: “Bob Hope”

Ingrid Bergman Says That:
A kiss is a lovely trick..
that is designed by nature,,
to stop speech…
when words b-come superfluous…

How To Kiss Advice Sms Message
The only foreplay,
I really need is for a guy,
to kiss my hip bone.
The hip is the most erotic & neglected body part.
Kiss the hip bone with ur lips.

I think of characters…
as my friends and since I do not want to see my friends
with their clothes off,
I do not want to see characters with their clothes off!
You Should Folow These Lines…

Kiss Quote For Your Girlfriend
Happy Kiss Day Dear…
you Know Honey ???
}}}Happiness is like a kiss,
you must share it to enjoy it{{{
So What’s Program Now Baby …
Lets share Happiness….

A Girl’s Feelings About Kiss:
I will give u 1-kiss 2-go-2 sleep.
I give u 2-kisses 2-dream.
I give u an endless row of kisses too baby,
when u wake up in the morning —think of only me.

Beautiful Words…
a kiss makes the heart young again…
And wipes out the years.
Have Happy Kiss Day..

He whispered,
& kissed her with the sharp,
Sleek kiss,
The silver kiss,
So swift & true,
& razor sharp,
& her warmth was flowing in-2 him.
Happy Kiss Day Dear Love You.