How to Ask Him Out

Asking a guy out may sound a little audacious to you, though the trend seems to be reversing now. It is the 21st century and asking a guy out does not raise eyebrows anymore. However, this is unfamiliar territory for most women. Even if a woman likes a man, she is forever stuck on the question of how to ask him out. Solution is at hand now, as we bring tips to ask a man for date. Most men love it when women make the first move. It brings out another mystical facet of a woman’s mysterious personality. Read on to find practical suggestions on how to ask him out.

Asking A Guy Out

  • Put on a nice dress and apply a bit of make up to enhance your features. It is important to look good when you ask out. Your chances of hearing a “yes sure” become brighter!
  • Don’t hesitate to make the first move. The guy you want to ask out may be genuinely interested in you. It could be that he is probably shy, or thinks that you are taken. If you are stuck in a scenario like this, there is no harm in being the first one to ask out.
  • Don’t ask him as if he is appearing for an interview. Just relax and let him relax as well. Strike a normal conversation and come to the point only when you think he is comfortable. Smile and make the atmosphere more relaxed and easy.
  • Try to come across as genuine with your proposal. Matters of heart are to be truly heart-felt, or they just lose their meaning. It is certainly difficult to say ‘No’ to a sincere and earnest proposal.
  • Most (if not all) guys prefer some adventure on date. So, if you are asking out, suggest something like hiking, kayaking, or a game of bowling. There will be hardly any guy on earth to say no to an exciting proposition like this. Make sure that you are willing to take up the adventure.
  • If you have fixed a lunch or dinner, make sure you do any required arrangement for it. Since you asked him out, make sure you pay for it, unless he really insists.
  • Don’t forget to thank the man on accepting your proposal. It is perfect to let him know how grateful you are to him, but don’t be too sugar-coated with your words. Just be courteous and you will be respected for it.
  • Lastly, if you receive a ‘No’ as the answer, don’t loose your heart. There is always a next chance, so, keep your hopes alive.  Continue to be friends with him and ask again when the time is right.