How to Be a Good Boyfriend?

Most of the guys think that having finally asked someone out on a date and later proposing them to be their girlfriend is enough struggles for a relationship and only smooth sailing after that. It is during this time period that they start taking their girlfriends for granted. I it is during this specific period that you start getting used to of her presence. Ignoring her needs, not exploring the romantic aspects of a relationship which excited you during your pre dating phase as compared to now are some of the tell tale signs. Dudes, it is time you pull up your socks and get ready to save your relationship because seeing your behaviour the girl of your dreams might not decide to stick with you longer. It is time for you to learn How To Be A Good Boyfriend for a change. It would be a saving step towards your relationship and much appreciated by your girlfriend!

What according to you might be the qualities that go into making of a good boyfriend? Nice, gentle, understanding, attentive, romantic..blah blah blah! People keep on ignoring the simple fact that it totally depends on person to person. There are some girls who like their partner to be all attentive while some other finds it stifling or being over possessive. But there are certain general criterias that a guy can fulfil in order to become a good boyfriend for her girlfriend or the love of his life. Certain tips and pointers mentioned below will surely throw light on the matter

  • SPACE. It is very important for a survival of a relationship and shows your trust in them. Do give her privacy enough to sort out her thoughts and have a life of her own. But don’t get too ignorant of her and seem like you don’t care at all. Maintaining a perfect balance is thus required.
  • Make her an important part of your life by getting her involved in certain essential matters of your decision making process. Girls like to be treated by their boyfriends in this way as it gives them a sense of importance and belonging..
  • Take interest in her and her activities. Be by her side when she needs you. This will all reflect upon your true unconditional love for her..
  • Always be honest with her about your feelings and your life. Give her respect that she deserves and be true n your relationship. You will never ever face problems then..
  • Be the most charming boyfriend ever. Pay compliments to her. Be subtle in your criticism. Show through your romantic gestures that romance is still alive in your budding relationship!