How To Say I Love You?

What is the first thing that you comes to your mind after you realise you have fallen in love with someone? It’s the thought of saying I Love You to that one person which in the near future would become the most important part of you and your heart. How To Say I Love You to your beloved is one such question which has managed to scared the living daylights out of many impressive personalities for generations. Mostly, it is expected of a guy to propose to his girlfriend and declare his love for her in the most romantic way possible. However, with changing times women have started to take the front seat in a relationship and don’t shy away from saying I Love You to their partner beforehand! Proposing to your beloved in style is one such demand that is well expected from both the partners equally now!

The act of saying I Love You is considered to be a special moment in one’s lives. Thus you are expected to make it a moment worth remembering in your life. Being prepared in advance for this moment would be thus advisable for anyone who is about to confess their feelings to their girlfriend or boyfriend. However, many times you might have witnessed people backing out on their commitments after a while when they come to the realisation that it was only just infatuation which they took for love. To avoid such heartbreak, one must need to be sure about themselves about the proposal. Ask these questions to yourselves-are you sure about the person whom you are going to say I Love You? Do you really know the person enough? Are you prepared for a long term relationship with commitment? Are you ok about hearing no from him or her?

After answering these questions in your mind, you can well proceed on to the task of saying I Love You to your beloved. Now How To Say I Love You to them? Well, you can prepare yourself for the day in style too. Start by deciding upon the method of telling them. It can be done through text message or an email card followed up by a personal note delivered to their door with flowers and gifts. Or you can just invite them for a formal evening at a romantic place and confess your feelings of love to them. Make sure the place chosen by you is liked by both of you and holds special significance in your life. It would be a great starter for a romantic evening. Be original in saying I Love You and don’t copy anyone. Come out clean about your feelings and wait for their response!