Celebrate Valentine Day in Kolkata

For the budding, the blossomed, and the deep rooted lovers, 14th Feb every year brings more expectations, more than anything else. And as each year goes by the pressure mounts to surpass the previous year. In such difficult times, when everybody is running to outdo each other’s performance (even partners in between themselves), the recipe for success can actually be a little innovative thinking and introspection.

Five star dinners, bouquets, chocolates, roses are passé. Individually they don’t cast a long lasting impression. There has to be a right concoction of them. This LOVE COCKTAIL if balanced and served well, will be a surefire.

The best way to start is by understanding your city well. The city that you are in more or less expands or limits the possibilities.

Say it with flowers: Supposing the City is Kolkata, then the day can start with a delivery of a bouquet with a unique combination of orchids and roses (colors will play an important role) to where your beloved would least expect it ( at work, at home, at in-laws place). Listed below are some sites for flowers-

Kolkata Online Florists

Right Florist

A1 Kolkata Flowers

All India Flowers

Delivery: When the beloved is surprised, half the battle is won. With delivery in the most unexpected (and public) places, the PDA (Public Display of Affection) is also classily optimized. Now comes, the gift part.

Gift: Depending on the budget and the choice, there a variety of gifts available, ranging from Perfumes ( Nina Ricci – for women, One Million, Lady Million from Paco Rabanne in any Shoppers Stop, Pantaloons ,Lifestyle stores to) to fashion jewellery  to fine jewellery, to accessories for men, to mugs or photo frames with a collage of your pictures .

With the gift, all wrapped and ready, decking up for the day now tops the agenda. Since it is a special day, but not as big as a Wedding, your trusted local parlor should do just fine.

As said earlier, innovations in this scenario are the key to success, and more than the food, or the venue, the experience in totality will be cherished. Dinners at Five Stars, though burn a hole in the pocket, don’t really leave a lasting impression. Kolkata being the reference point here, a small luxurious 3 -4 hours cruise on the Ganges on a luxury yacht, complete with a scrumptious buffet platter,   seems to be a perfect icing on this love cake !!