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Love letter is the sweetest form of expressing one’s love. According to a recent survey, majority people think that the most cherished gift from their beloved would be a handwritten love letter. Giving your beloved love letters for Valentine’s Day would be something that he/she would cherish for the rest of his/her life. Love letters never grow old and stay eternally as a sign of your love. At any point of life, you can relive those early days of love through the love letters. Besides, you can feel the impulses and shyness you had felt during the love-making. Try giving a handwritten love letter to your beloved and see his/her face glow up.

Love letters help you put your feelings and emotions in words and make you speak out more candidly than you otherwise can. These letters make the receiver feel special and important. An occasional flattery and praise is required to keep the relation going. The love letters freshen and renew the relation and also make the bond strong. In the following section, we have covered each and every aspect which deals with the love letters. Choose from our romantic love letter ideas and get tips to write a beautiful love letter for your beloved.

Writing effective and heart touching Valentine’s Day Love Letters is quite an art in itself. To perfect this art one needs a will to express and lots of love for the recipient of the letter. An added touch of imagination and creativity makes the letter a masterpiece. In case you are new in the field here are some tips to help you write a perfect Valentine’s Day Love Letter:

Tips for Writing a Perfect Valentine’s Day Love Letter

  • Get a beautiful and romantic letter pad with good paper quality.
  • Write the letter when you are in a good mood.
  • Clear your mind of any distractions and focus on your beloved. You may keep his/her photograph in front of you to set the mood.
  • Play your favorite music if it inspires you.
  • On a rough sheet of paper jot down the unique qualities in your beloved and your plans for the future with him/her.
  • It is good to plan the letter in advance and right in rough first.
  • Always hand write the letter to give it a more personal touch.
  • Write with a fountain pen instead of ball pen, as it appears more elegant. Your beloved may preserve this letter for years so make sure it looks as beautiful years after.
  • Pay special attention to the opening and closing of the letter to leave a greater impact.
  • Personalize the love letter depending on the stage of relationship you are at present.
  • Write from your heart in simple sentences and in an easy to understand language.
  • Avoid underlining the words and do not use all caps as it looks like you are yelling.
  • In the body of the love letter you may write the special qualities of your beloved. Ideally emotional, physical and spiritual qualities in a person should be highlighted to make the recipient feel loved.
  • In the following paragraphs you may share your hopes and dreams for the future along with your partner.
  • Be truthful in your letter and avoid making promises you will not be able to keep and cause a feeling of distrust in your beloved.
  • One page is an ideal length for a love letter. You may write more if you are comfortable with your partner but don’t make it too long.
  • Avoid mentioning anyone else in your love letter. Just talk about your beloved and yourself.
  • Give a high-impact closing to your love letter in a way that it sums up your feelings in a beautiful way. For instance, “I will love you always,” “Loving you forever,” “My heart is yours,” are considered to be a romantic closing for a letter.
  • Always sign the love letter.
  • Go through the letter one or two times to check if you have conveyed your feelings effectively.
  • Use thesaurus to choose perfect words for your feelings.
  • Check for spelling and grammatical errors as this kind of errors convey carelessness.
  • To add more style, you may stick a small photograph of yours to the top of the love letter. This will make your beloved view the photograph and reflect on you with fondness as he/she admires the content of the letter.
  • Spray a fragrant perfume on the letter.
  • Select a special stamp from the post office.
  • Drop the letter in the mailbox and wait for the response.

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