Love Pictionary

Valentine’s Day is associated with expressing love for your loved one through Valentine cards, flowers and confectionary. Valentine symbols include heart-shaped outlines, doves and winged cupid figurines. When celebrating Valentine’s Day with your friends and other couples, do give Valentine’s Day games a try. One of them is love pictionary. Pictionary is a popular game among every one young and old. It is a fun filled game and becomes even more fun when you give it a romantic theme and call it love pictionary. It is a romantic game for Valentine’s Day and is very enjoyable when played among couples and close friends. Read on further to know how to play love pictionary.

How To Play Love Pictionary

  • Divide your friends into teams of two. If all your friends have their partners already, skip the first step.
  • Each team should select their “picturist” to draw the word that is to be guessed. The duties can be interchanged in the second round.
  • Each team places their colored piece on the playing board to begin.
  • Roll the dice on the board and see who gets the highest number on the dice. The team with the highest number gets to begin first.
  • The person who is to draw the picture pulls out a card from the lot. He/ She has 10 seconds to imagine the drawing and decide how to go about it.
  • The person gets 60 seconds to draw the picture that is closest to the word. The other team member has to try and guess what he/she is drawing. No words, alphabets or bodily gestures are allowed during the drawing. The team that is successful gets to roll the dice again.
  • The team gets to play again with a new picturist. It is only when the allotted time expires that the next team gets its chance.
  • The game goes on like this till one team reaches the finish square first.