Valentine’s Day School Activities

The Valentine’s Day is celebrated over the world with same amount of enthusiasm and love in the air. It is a day to honour the sacrifice of Saint Valentine for love. 14th of February is in fact considered to be the most romantic day of the year wherein you can express your feelings of love and gratitude to just about anyone! This also provides for a wonderful opportunity to you to spend some quality time with all those who matter to you. If you are an adult then all good as you get to spend the whole day as per according to your place. But if you are still in your teens and have to attend school that day, then don’t be disappointed. Schools too realize the importance of this day of unconditional love and romance and try to make it a special one for their students.

As a matter of fact, spending time with your friends and teachers on the Valentine’s Day would give you a new perspective on the way you feel about them. It is also considered as a good bonding exercise. There can be a million activities planned for the day by your school. One can indulge in fun and frolic along with their friends and classmates and also reap in the benefits of celebrating the most romantic day of the year! As a matter of fact school sin U.S. and Canada organize special Valentine’s Day Class Parties for their students as a treat.

Below are some other ways in which Valentine’s Day School Activities can be planned:

You can have an arts and crafts competition or an activity hour dedicated to teaching students about various ways in which they can make their Valentine’s Day Gifts like .
Ask some of the students to play cupid whole day and deliver love messages to fellow students ordered by anyone. It would be quite fun.
Have a Valentine’s Day class party and play some fun pick the heart and point out the candy games.
Organize a Valentine’s Day Dance in their gymnasium area for students to let their hair down.
Arrange for a trip to the old age homes, hospitals and child day care centre to interact with people on Valentine’s Day.
Ask them to make gifts for their fellow students and other homeless people to make their Valentine as good as their own. It would be a nice gesture and instil the feeling of kindness in students’ hearts!