Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas

Wedding between two individuals is like a union of two hearts, two souls that are meant for each other only. It is one such occasion in a person’s life which he or she would want to cherish forever. Thus, having it celebrated on special way is a necessity by many. So what exactly one can do to make their wedding celebration a memorable one? You can go for a Valentine theme wedding! This way you get to showcase your love in a beautiful setting that oozes of the spirit of love and romance present since centuries. It is the perfect backdrop for the uniting of two hearts together forever. The eternal love and glory granted by Wedding is thus accomplished through the prestigious ties of Valentine’s day strung upon it.

You can have the wedding on either the Valentine’s Day itself i.e.14th of February or on some other day of the year with the Valentine’s Day Theme as the setting for the celebration. Either way you get to relish in the beautiful feelings of love, care and affection. The magic of romance will rub off on just about everybody present at the venue. You will cherish these memories forever in your heart and look back at them fondly i the years to come. Given below are certain Valentine Wedding Ideas which will keep your planning run a little more smoothly.

Decide for a red, pink or white colour theme keeping the wedding in sync with the Valentine colours.
Choose for a suitable venue for the wedding. Mostly people like to go for long stretched gardens that remind people of The Eden Garden where Eve took the bite from the forbidden apple!
Next comes on the list are the invitations. They should be designed in such a way that it speaks volumes about your Valentine’s Wedding Theme. Have intertwined hearts on the cover page followed by heart shaped flowers on it.
Another Valentine Wedding Idea is to have the decoration in true Valentine style like matching tableware in printed hearts designs, floating flowers and heart shaped candles, floral centrepieces, lots and lots of cupid decorations round the place, chocolate and red wine fountains red and pink ribbons on flowers etc.
Have your wedding cake done up in white icing and adorn it with red roses or vice versa. You can also have a multi tier cake with red roses, scattered petals, hearts, ribbons etc.
For party favours have heart shaped candles, soaps, measuring spoons, wine stoppers, chocolate and mint boxes etc.