Rose Day

The magical feeling of love is in the air. Valentines Day, the wonderful day of romance and joy is a bliss in the heart of those who are in love.

Rose Day Marks The Beginning Of The Valentines Week

With the beginning of the love month, February, Valentines Day always begins with the mark of the Rose Day which is celebrated today all over the world. Roses are given to a special one and to those who are near and dear to you to express the wonderful feeling of love. The fragrance of roses envelops the atmosphere on this day as the large number of youngsters give roses to propose their girlfriend, boyfriend, relative and friend.

This Rose Day, visit a beautiful bouquet near you and wrap up some fine roses and present it to the one who dearly love. Also celebrate the beginning of Valentines Day with your loved one by making her a lovely rose chocolates to present to her on this Rose Day making her feel ever so special.

Another way of wishing your loved one on this Rose Day is by sending flowers online, If you cannot afford it then you can simply wish him/ her through the social networking sites Twitter and Facebook.

Valentines Day gift ideas are in plenty and to make your loved one feel special , get him/her something special this year, plus, do not forget to make note of the Valentine Week so that you can surprise your sweetheart.

View Gift Ideas for Rose Day here.

Do’s and Dont’s on Rose Day
Well we have already talked about things which can be done on Rose day and in our previous article and things which we have said is send her a rose, decorate her bathtub with rose petals, give her a card made by rose, give her a bouquet of red roses and for more you may visit our previous articles and have a look at the things which can be done.
now let us have a look at things which should not be done on rose day and they are as below:

•    You need to be very particular and selective about color of rose you are giving to your partner. Never ever give yellow or white rose to your girlfriend or wife. yellow roses can be given only to friends and white roses should never be given to your wife and girl friends. So always give red rose on rose day 2013.
•    You need to be aware of this face that you should not give rose to your wife or girlfriend if she is allergic to rose or flowers. So do not do that else your Rose day will turn into a complete disaster.
•    Always check the rose before giving and make sure that it should not have flies or any other outside particle in it and ask her not to sniff it.
•   Do not give her rose if she does not like it. There are few girls who do not like roses and if she is one of them then you better not give that to them and just give them any other flower like Jasmine.


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